Lucerne after Racing thoughts


Racing started today with a bang. The whole race course was buzzing with activity because everyone was still in the races. We drew for our head the Germans, Australians, Dutch, Italy, and Estonia. I have to say that it was a good feeling to have some very good boats in our heat. I think it was good that we tested our speed early. The race went off at 2:48 local. Germany and the Australians shot out in the first 500 and we were left to fight our way through the pack. We got off to a fairly slow start and hit a good rhythm but I believe we just weren’t ready for the speed of an international eights race yet. This was my first 8’s race since Beijing and JR’s first 8’s race since Athens. That isn’t really an excuse but I can tell you that we’ll be ready tomorrow. We’ve been bloodied a bit but we’re still hungry. Now that we know what we’re up against I think we’ll be more on our game tomorrow.

It’s like the Americans in the North African campaign in WWII. They got bloodied but the end result was that our troops saw that there was a whole other level to take things to. Our citizen soldiers found out that a just cause wasn’t all they could rest on. They had to be tough. We’ll be back tomorrow with a little more “Whip” just like Beery would have wanted it. It’s funny. Sometimes I feel like we need to relearn some lessons just to keep them fresh.

Well, We’ll do what we can tomorrow. The race is around 4:00 local time/10:00am EST and results can be viewed live at live race viewer. The start lists and program of racing can be found here

And, as promised here are some photos from around town. I’ll take some more and put them up tomorrow.

View from the bus stop
Me looking out over the old town bridge


About Steven Coppola

I'm a rower with the US rowing team. I've been doing this for about 10 years now and have recently decided to explore the world of blogging
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2 Responses to Lucerne after Racing thoughts

  1. amymckee says:

    Congratulations on your racing in Lucerne. I am a junior rower on the US team this summer and closely following the international/national game. Good luck with preparing for 2012!

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