Surviving the Reps in Lucerne

Today we went and raced the Repechage. If you’re wondering what a rep is, it is French for “to rescue”. It was a hard fight the whole way but we did what we wanted to do. We were close on the Brits and about 3 seconds ahead of the Italians.

Last night I watched our race from Gifu in 2005 to try to see what I could remember from it. Today, in the first 500, my only thought was “what would Dan Beery Do?” (WWDBD). All I was focused on was hearing his voice in my head going: “Whip it”. That kept us in the race because quite a few of us were thinking that. Then we settled into the race. By 750 to go I was just hearing Deakin in my head saying 2 minutes to go. Thats all I was thinking about.

Tomorrow we do the same thing and put ourselves in the hunt for a medal.

I probably wont update again until I get back to the good Ole U S and A so I’ll see yall next week.


About Steven Coppola

I'm a rower with the US rowing team. I've been doing this for about 10 years now and have recently decided to explore the world of blogging
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