Lucerne Arrival

After what seemed like a forever flight we landed in Zurich today at 8am and hopped on a bus for the hour ride to Lucerne. I don’t think that I’ve had a more miserable international flight ever. Most of my misery on USairways flight 710 was do to a tiny person in front of me who didn’t understand that because my thigh is longer than the space between the seats he couldn’t physically put his seat back. I tried and tried to explain to him but the language barrier was too much and about every ten minutes I had to physically force his seat back into an upright position. USair definitely doesn’t accommodate tall people, but then neither do the shorties sometimes.
Once we got to Lucerne we had a few hours to kill before we were supposed to turn up to rig our boat. So naturally we wandered around for a bit. We settled on this cafe by the water where we could have a coffee and sandwich while we waited for our rooms to be ready.
Once they were ready we quickly got settled in and then headed down to the racecourse to get a rig and row in. Eventually we got the boat all rigged up though it took a little while. we had a great row with Kaitlin Snyder and I think that what made it great was the fact that Kaitlin really didn’t say much and neither did Kris.
Got a great little pizza dinner at this place called motomio that Banksy found two years ago.

Ok. I would really like to elaborate on everything, but I’m starting to see phantom words or rather not see any at all. I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow when I cant see straight.


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Foray into Politics

This whole oil spill mess has got me thinking. It seems to me that there are a lot of ancillary characters sounding off and they really just want to be heard so that they can tell people they did something. This comes from both sides of the aisle of our federal government. However, news stories have left out or glossed over the stories of the little guy having to circumvent bureaucracy in order to protect his home.
I’ve only seen one such story about the Alabama shrimpers who pitched in to lay oil containing booms on their own dime when the workers contracted by BP and the federal government took their union breaks. The little guys kept working to save their own homes instead of trusting others to do it. Governor Bobby Jindal had Louisiana hire some oil sucking barges but they couldn’t be used until the bureaucracy (coast guard) certified that they had enough life preservers on board. The Alabama government contracted to get a deep water oil boom from Bahrain and the coast guard sent it to Louisiana instead.
Where are the Politicians who are working to streamline the cleanup. All I’ve heard of are Bureaucratic hurdles that people are having to jump through from allowing foreign ships to help with the cleanup to people getting turned away from disaster relief processing centers because they don’t have the right paperwork.
Instead of boasting that you’ve taken BP to task or that the escrow fund is in effect a government shakedown try boasting about how you’ve made cleanup take less time or rescued beaches or plugged the leak… OH Wait! that hasn’t been done so instead we have to fill the airwaves about the useless things that are going on or the political maneuvering that is going on in order to capitalize on the devastation that this is reaping in the gulf states.
I for one would rather that those in charge lead by doing rather than talking. I’m of the opinion that if you have to tell everyone what you’ve done you really haven’t done anything. I wish that those in charge would do something worth taking note of like containing the oil rather than boasting about what they are thinking of doing.

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USrowing Golf outing

It’s been a great day today at Beedens Brook golf course. A lot of fine people came out today to support USRowing and the National Team. It was my 8th year attending. It’s always fun to to see the turnout and what the event coordinators have in store for us. This year I followed Dr. Hosea’s interns around. They played ok. The best part was after a little while they got used to me being around them and started making fun of each others shots. All in all I think it was a good day for usrowing and the national team.

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The pointy end of the boat

I had the privilege today to catch a ride in a seat that I’ve never rowed in before and have garnered a new respect for those that row in the sharp end of the boat. It is an entirely different experience than the back of the boat. I felt like I had to row the boat like a pair and could all of a sudden see everything. I’m not sure if I like it or not. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I know one thing, it’ll be good to prove to Tim that I can be versatile.

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Friday June 4th

Took a drive down to Cherry Hill today to take in the IRA. Unfortunately the Princeton Varsity didn’t make the grand final. Not really sure what happened to them though the fact that they were running level with everyone for the first 500 tells me that they may have spent a little too much in the beginning. Also, the fact that some of the guys were out at reunions last week may have played a part. I don’t know if it effected them physically but I’m sure it had a psychological effect. Any-who… It was a great first year for Greg. I can’t wait to see the Tigers after a couple more years when Greg’s culture change takes hold. Watch out UW no amount of foreigners will help.

While I was down there I ran into Allan Amico’s parents. Well, actually, I was the one who stepped in to shoo Allan along so that he could get some recovery. Once again I was left trying to explain to parents recovery strategies so that they aren’t offended when their child is told to not hang out with them. I went through it with my own parents my freshman year and I’m not sure that they understand even now. So, I thought that I would try to explain recovery strategies so that if there are any parents out there feeling slighted by their child after a race they can learn why its important that their child properly recover.

When I finish a race and I have another one coming up either that day or the next recovery is the first thing on my mind. Bananas, cliff/power bars, and Gatorade are all great recovery foods. What you’re looking for is a pretty good mix of simple sugars and some carbs. a gatorade might be too sweet to handle but some sort of electrolyte recovery is important. After that, or if the food is not handy a spin on the erg for about 10-20 minutes is very important to both flush out your legs but also stimulate blood flow and generate some “active recovery”. After those 20 minutes I would head back to wherever I’m staying and hunker down and get off my feet and if I’m lucky I take an ice bath. After all of that, when the business of rowing is done, I will see my family, but at a regatta I’m an athlete first.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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